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Yalu as iOS 10 Untethered jailbreak

First of all, we want you to make sure what is the true status of Yalu jailbreak? Although some improper directions clarify that it is an Untethered tool, the truth is it is a semi-untethered one. It means Yalu is not completely tethered or untethered. When the jailbroken device will reboot, you have to partly go through the jailbreak process because of this status.

If you turn for Meridian jailbreak for iOS 10, just note that it too is not an untethered tool. Meridian too categorized as a semi-untethered jailbreak. And the best part is, Meridian supports all those missed devices and versions of iOS 10 of Yalu. Thus, Meridian is not stopping you from iOS 10.2 like Yalu.

However, both iOS 10 jailbreak tools are IPA based packages that should sideload using Cydia Impactor. When the app will load to the device, the user can trust its certification and jailbreak by open the app. As I suppose, both tools are perfect for those who will pick up. Make sure the compatibility and the performance of each tool before go through.

New tool for iOS 10 untethered jailbreak

If you wish to encounter an untethered jailbreak tool, just go back to those days we used such amazing deals ending the long tethered period. There were Taig and Pangu tools in untethered status. Once jailbreak using an untethered application, the permission you took will not switch for any reason until you unjailbreak the device. But, you should rearrange your status, when you enter into semi-untethered or tethered status. There are separate ways to go through. So, find out your special way according to the tool that you used. However, at this instant, there is no any untethered utility for iOS 10.

The best Cydia Impactor alternative

In my opinion, it is up to the user to decide which the best alternative to them is when there are many similar suggestions. For that, you have to check all features and compare them and decide which will be the best for your accomplishments.

There are some alternatives that will help you to go through an easy procedure but support in the same way of Impactor. But the rest will be there as app stores. But not like those often third-party app stores that suggest common apps. There are advanced, tweaked and hacked features and apps for you.

Cydia Impactor alternatives

Here is the list of several popular Impactor alternatives.

  • Super Impactor
  • AltDeploy
  • AppValley
  • 25PP
  • 3UTools
  • vShare Helper

Using any of these, you are capable to bring advanced apps such as Instagram++, SnapChat++, Whatsapp++ and so on. Some of these alternatives got features like automatic app sign in and so on that the formal Impactor tool will not let you. We are not going to point each utility for it is up to you to decide on the most suitable one.

What is Super Impactor?

Of course, this is an alternative to Cydia Impactor which is our beloved application behind IPA files since far. But if you feel it is time to navigate for a while and see if there is some other tool that you can bring more, just try out Super Impactor. Each and every single feature that you went through Cydia Impactor is here in an advanced way. It comes with saved passwords and account manager feature that you can use to set up many applications on your iDevice even without jailbreak permission. Moreover, there are many features that you will surely love to go through than waste your time with any other minor application.

What’s more with Super Impactor?

This amazing tool will resolve many issues that you went through since far. As an example, automatic resign for expired apps come with the tool that will finally ask you to just connect the device to the computer and watch. All apps will automatically activate one more. If you worry about your Apple certificate management, do not worry if you got Super Impactor with you. It is such an amazing utility with all in one feature.

Do not worry if you cannot jailbreak your device for reasons. Still, there is a positive way to bring those beloved apps on your iDevice using Super Impactor. We call it amazing and great for having exceptional features. Find out related IPA files of apps that you wish to have. And then you can sideload them using this wonderful utility on your PC.

Cydia Download iOS 12.2 with iNstant Jailbreak

The next iOS version to be released to the public is iOS 12.2. The Apple Company will update major security content, stability improvement and bug fixes in this iOS version. So right now Cydia fans are looking for updates for Cydia Download iOS 12.2 version because when their devices are updated to the latest iOS version, then the Cydia app also need to update to the same version or else you won’t be able to experience Cydia features on their iPhone / iPad / iPod touches. However, iNstant Jailbreak has released their latest Cydia update to the public which is compatible with iOS 12.2. So you can easily download the latest Cydia iOS 12.2 version on your iDevice by following our installation process. But before that, make sure to update your iOS version first and then visit the official iNstant Jailbreak website with the device Safari browser.

Cydia Download iOS 12.2

Cydia Install iOS 12.1 with iNstant Jailbreak

The latest iOS 12.1 has been released to the public and this is the newest version available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. The Apple Company added some new features to this version that will definitely amaze you. More than 70 new emojis, group facetime, much improved security protection and bug fixes are some of them. Our online Cydia tool which is “iNstant Jailbreak” has been updated to the latest iOS 12.1 version. Which means now you can easily perform the jailbreak process on your iOS 12.1 device and then you can get the latest Cydia Install iOS 12.1 application. We have included some amazing features to our online tool so we believe the Cydia app will be better than ever. Visit us from your Safari browser from your updated iOS 12.1 device and run the Cydia iOS 12.1 software.

How to download Cydia for iOS 14?

Do not hurry to collect Cydia on your iDevice. As iOS 14 is just a beta version, it recalls us that we have to patiently remain a few more months until jailbreakers ready to bring us a tool. At this moment, iOS 14 is not a public version. According to reports, it will turn into a complete version for iDevices on the coming September. It may take more weeks than in prior years because of the current pandemic situation. However, reliable reports spotted the Checkra1n team with their evidence of proving the capability of jailbreak iOS 14. But remember that this is just about the initial beta of the version. 

There is no doubt that it is because of the Checkm8 exploit. Because of that, devices up to iPhone X and that categorize to A5 to A11 will be able to go through iOS 14 as well and bring Cydia. It does not mean the rest of you have to stay empty. Do not take our keen developers too lightly. We cannot forget their hard effort behind many hard chapters that we passed thus far.

Cydia iOS 12.1.2 with iNstant Jailbreak

iOS 12.1.2 officially released to the public on the December 17th 2018. This was a quick update because the Apple was released their previous version few weeks ago. So talking about the latest update, we have to mention you that iOS 12.1.2 is not an update which includes major features. This just a minor update that comes with security improvements and bug fixes. So now you can upgrade your iPhone/ iPad/ iPod touch to iOS 12.1.1. We are glad to announce that Cydia Free tool has been upgraded to the latest iOS version and now the Cydia Download iOS 12.1.2 is available to download from our website. Visit us from your newly upgraded iOS 12.1.2 device and follow the easy step guide properly to download Cydia iOS 12.1.2 version within few seconds. Enjoy the latest Cydia features on your iDevice.

Cydia Download iOS 12.1.2

iOS 11 Jailbreak using CydiaGuru

Apple finally moved to the next generation of iOS by delivering iOS 11 major update to the general iDevice users. They successfully completed this task at the September 2017 Keynote event along with the latest iPhone 8 release. As frequently, this chapter as well contained hundreds of untouched features and enrichments such as Siri improvements, App store, Files app support, fully corporation for iPad, Control/Notification Center modifications and customizations and so on. However, should you upgrade download iOS 11? Will it possible to install Cydia iOS 11? If you missed all recent stories and reports so far, here is everything.

If you desire whether you can meet the newest chapter of iPhone OS on your iDevice right now, there you have to concern several things. In fact, this is something risky for jailbreakers as they have to leave their current jailbroken opportunity for an unconfident episode. While I am writing this, not anybody at all could start the tale of Cydia iOS 11 for both convinced and undefined resolutions.

Instagram follower hack Cydia

There is no doubt that you all love to go here and there through Instagram posting photos and videos or watch what others have been posted. It is really interesting and became one of the top-rated social media platforms within a couple of years from its release. If you wish to maintain your image, Instagram would be a great place. But you have to use a few tricks that many celebrities follow. Hack Instagram is one of those. If you are a jailbreak user, then you are halfway there and a few more to go.

Important facts for Instagram follower hack Cydia

  • Make sure that you are with jailbreak permission
  • If yet to jailbreak, find out the recommended tool for your iPhone or iPad model and even the iOS
  • As an example, you have to find out tweaks like FollowHero and LikeHero that supports for the particular feature. Let’s see how to install them
  • You can enter repository to the sources panel of your Cydia app store
  • And then you have to find out LocallAPP Store
  • After that, you have to enable it from Settings
  • Sign in using your account login details on both installed apps
  • The coin symbol will help you to add additional features. Just select coins that you wish to add and go through
  • Behind that, you can arrange features that you wish to have

Cydia Download on any iOS Version (Step Guide)

There are no other easy jailbreak methods to download Cydia like Cydia Guru. This completely supports every Apple mobile device models running any iOS version. Just follow our guide and release your device from the restrictions of Apple then customize it in your own way. Here’s the step by step tutorial to install Cydia using CydiaGuru.

  • Step 01: Launch Safari Web Browser on your iOS device and go to
  • Step 02: Scroll download until you find the «Cydia Download» button then hit the button
  • Step 03: Wait for a couple of seconds. Our system will detect your device and iOS version
  • Step 04: Once after detecting the information, you are ready to go. Just tap on «Install Cydia» button to begin the jailbreak process
  • Step 05: Your device will be jailbroken in a few seconds then you will be moved to the install page
  • Step 06: Now, tap on «Add to Home Screen» button to add Cydia on the device’s Home Screen
  • Step 07: A pop up will come and ask you to open the device’s Settings, tap on «Allow»
  • Step 08: Now follow these steps, tap on «Install > Enter Passcode > Install > Done»
  • Step 09: Close the browser, then you will see that Cydia installer has been installed on your iDevice

Important : Please note that it’s required to visit the following URL through the Safari Web Browser. CydiaGuru jailbreak is only working with the Safari browser and you won’t be able to install Cydia on your device if you followed these step guide with Chrome or other browsers.

How to jailbreak iOS 13.5.5?

As clarified, we can no longer go to 13.5 for Apple stopped
sign in possibility a few days back. According to reports, the latest version
of Unc0ver as 5.2.0 can support iOS 13.5.5 beta 1. And also, the update brought
several enhancements too to the tool. You can check out the update from their
official GitHub page. Though surround whatever enhancement, we are glad to
remember that it brought compatibility for iOS 13.5.5 beta 1 as well.

But, we cannot forget that Unc0ver could not go through iOS 13.5.1 and that Apple offered last week. In such a situation, we cannot expect Unc0ver to cover later versions. Therefore, it is better to keep a note that there is a doubt, will iOS 13.5.5 major version will be able to use Unc0ver. In my opinion, Unc0ver should confirm that they could pass 13.5.1 that Apple clearly clarified as the security update and that even completely seal their jailbreak capability.

Should I download iOS 13.5.5?

It is up to you. But, remember the golden rule that reminds you not to welcome versions without jailbreak tools until hackers confirm its compatibility with a public offer. Therefore, you should apply the same to iOS 13.5.5 when it turns into a public version. Let’s keep a gap for hackers to resolve 13.5.1 and later ones as soon as possible.

Try Cydia without Jailbreak

Cydia is amazing and must have package manager if you use iOS, but if you feel you are not ready to jailbreak, you can try Cydia demo version with TaigOne. No Cydia Impactor needed and it is a simple online method. So you can use TaigOne to install Cydia on any iOS version, including the latest iOS 15.

Step 1 : Install Taigone App for downloading Cydia without jailbreak. If you already have Taigone installed, you may continue to Step 2.

Step 2 : Open Taigone App and scroll down to find Cydia Demo

Step 3 : Tap on it and tap on Install at top right in the next window.

Step 4 : Tap on Allow to download Cydia Demo to the settings. (Once downloaded you have to open Settings → Downloaded Profile to continue the process)

Step 5 : Tap on Install and provide your passcode if required and continue the installation process. Once completed you will be back to the home screen.

Step 6 : Find Cydia Demo on your home screen and enjoy.

Cydia Apps

Cydia apps are third party applications which are not available in the App Store. Unlike tweaks, some Cydia apps can be installed on iDevice regardless of the jailbreak status of your device. That means even though some devices/ iOS versions cannot be jailbroken, you can experience many themes and extensions outside the App Store. Almost all the apps in Cydia are free to install. Therefore you have the complete privilege of trying out those so called apps at no cost.

Cydia apps give/enable you

  • New themes to give a new appearance to your iDevice
  • Emulators for games
  • Redesign the iOS default interface and modifying flows
  • Create your own ringtone
  • Download files directly to your iDevice
  • Modified versions of apps

Most popular Cydia apps / Cydia Tweaks

  • Activator
  • Auxo 3
  • Alkaline
  • Apex 2
  • AppLocker

If you are still new to jailbreak or reluctant for a jailbreak, you still can experience this Cydia app with Cydia demo version.

Cydia for iOS 14.6 — iOS 14.7 / iOS 14.7.1

Install Cydia With Jailbreak

Installing Cydia on iOS 14.6 and iOS 14.7 / iOS 14.7.1 is only possible if you have a jailbroken device. When you jailbreak your iPhone using Checkra1n  “Cydia” will be automatically installed as the default package manager.

Install Cydia without Jailbreak

It is not possible to install Cydia without Jailbreaking!!!

But if you need to look and feel Cydia on your non-jailbroken device and fool your friends, here are the steps.

Step 1 : Install Taigone Jailbreak Tool Finder from the button below / By visiting their official website.

Step 2 : Launch Taigone from your home screen as in the screenshot below.

Step 3 : Find Cydia (0.9) which is listed Free on Taigone.

Step 4 : Tap on Install Button and Download Cydia Profile to your iPhone / iPad

Step 5 : Go to Settings > Profile Downloaded and follow the on screen instructions to Install

Главные особенности Impactora, чем лучше JailBreak?

Доработка приложения продолжается, функции не являются совершенными, но одного точно нельзя отрицать, что лицо Cydia Impactor является одним из лучших инструментов с графическим интерфейсом, которое правильно работает в мобильном телефоне.

Итак, давайте посмотрим на некоторые его особенности:

Bridging соединение

Вы можете соединить или отключить и даже перезагрузить подключения между телефоном и компьютером. Для того, чтобы использовать эту функцию, номера порта устройства должны быть известны.

Unlock Bootloader

С помощью impactora, загрузчик может быть заблокирован и разблокирован. Идентификатор также должен присутствовать для генерации файла разблокировки загрузчика устройства.

Встроено Driver

Он имеет встроенный драйвер USB и поэтому не делает никакой необходимости устанавливать драйвера отдельно, и вы можете напрямую подключить компьютер и устройство. Но убедитесь, что вы вручную устанавливаете драйверы.

Установить приложение

И, наконец, с импактором пользователя можно пришить любой мод пакета, пакет обновления, корневой пакет и файл восстановление вручную в устройство без использования инструментов FastBoot. (Установка любых платных приложений)

App Even

App Even is just another Cydia Alternative. It is also used to downloaded tweaked applications and moded games. App Even is also available for the Android and PC. It was first developed for the iOS and then developer built for other platforms.

It is very famous in iOS because it helps users to install moded applications without jailbreaking their iPhone device.

Enough intro, let’s dig some most useful features of App Even which you need to know before Installing it on your iOS device.

App Even Features:

  1. It is available for iOS, Android, and Windows as well.
  2. It’s most useful for iOS devices because you can download many modified applications from here.
  3. No bug is founded till now, it is bug-free and most stable.
  4. The downloading application is faster than comparing to other stores.
  5. They regularly add new applications in this App Store.
  6. User-Interface is nicely designed.
  7. The search bar is available to search for your desired app or game.
  8. You don’t need to subscribe to App Even to use it.
  9. All applications are scanned and virus free.
  10. Multi-App downloading is supported.

Есть ли необходимость в Cydia

Многие приложения сейчас переходят на систему «free to play» и являются бесплатными, поэтому скачивание платных взломанных приложений уже не так актуально, как раньше. Вместе с этим снижается и полезность самого магазина приложений Cydia. Но, если вы хотите тонко настроить систему под себя или получить доступ к системным файлам, и вы разбираетесь в том, что вам нужно сделать, то установка Cydia будет полезна.

При этом важно помнить, что Jailbreak, который устанавливается вместе с Cydia, имеет ряд особенностей. Например, после его установки вы не сможете обновлять iOS и потеряете гарантию на iPhone

How to download Cydia on iOS 14?

According to the Twitter note of the researcher, at this time, it turned a little advanced than previously. It seems Cydia has been enhanced as a package manager. So the new version is 1.1.36. And this completely supports iOS 14 beta.

Since Cydia is the place where we all wish to reach by
jailbreaking, it great knows that iOS 14 too can jailbreak using Checkra1n. Though
far from the only package manager, it is the kit and that can bring on
jailbroken devices as a pre-installed package manager. According to clarifications
of experts, alternatives such as Sileo, Installer and Zebra too will be able to
bring on iOS 14.

Release date of Checkra1n for iOS 14

Since it is just the beta of iOS 14, we have to stay a few further months to welcome the jailbreak tool as a public offer. But the Checkra1n team did not unveil a certain date that they are going to release the tool. It is better to stay calm by simply check each beta release of the version for hackers to work and release the utility on time.

Что такое Cydia Impactor и для чего он нужен?

Cydia Impactor является жизненно важным и необходимым приложением, которое было создано для замены JailBreak. Приложение называется Cydia Eraser, но в настоящее время переименован в Cydia Eraser. Хотя Eraser выполняет ту же функцию, что Cydia Impactor, это новый инструмент, который помогает при установке взломанных файлов IPA.

Файлы IPA могут быть установлены на iOS 6 до iOS 12 и более новой версии устройства, Mac OS, Android и Windows. Кроме того, Cydia Impactor не влияет на версию iOS, которая в настоящее время работает на вашем устройстве, что позволяет повторно использовать джейлбрейк, если это необходимо.

Cydia Impactor является переработанным джейлбрейком, создал его Джей Фриман. Одним из наиболее важных особенностей приложения impactor является то, что оно позволяет пользователю использовать основные уязвимости в Android и iOS системе. И для всех тех людей, которые все еще жаждут, поиграть во взломанную Pokemon go или любую другую игру для Windows, Android, и даже пользователей iOS.

Учебник по установке Cydia

Этот процесс может быть немного сложным или очень простым, в зависимости от выбранного вами процесса и места, где вы хотите установить Cydia.

Процесс 1: Обычная установка. Обязательный процесс, если вы еще не взламывали джейлбрейк

Это рекомендуемый процесс для установки Cydia на ваш iPhone.

  1. Если у вас не установлен альтернативный магазин приложений Cydia, он вызывает проблемы или исчезает, возможно, лучше начать с 0, поэтому первое, что мы сделаем, — это сделаем резервную копию.
  2. Второй шаг — просмотреть одно из руководств, которые есть в iPhone News, для взлома вашего устройства.

Так просто. Хотя это может сработать, установка некоторых пакетов вручную обычно создает больше проблем, чем их решение, поэтому я рекомендую выполнить процесс 1 для установки Cydia. Кроме того, это единственный способ установить его, если мы еще не взломали устройство.

Процесс 2: Ручная установка.

Я бы не рекомендовал этот процесс для установки Cydia, но он помешает нам начать с 0 со всем, что это может означать. Мы сделаем следующее:

  1. Мы загружаем пакет .deb для той версии Cydia, которую хотим установить.
  2. Открываем SFTP-клиент, например Cyberduck.
  3. Мы плывем к / var / root / Медиа. Если у нас нет папки Cydia, мы ее создаем.
  4. Внутри папки Cydia мы должны создать (если это не так) папку с именем AutoInstall.
  5. Берем пакет .deb, который мы скачали на шаге 1, и «выгружаем» его в папку AutoInstall.
  6. Дважды перезагружались. После второй перезагрузки Cydia должна появиться в Springboard.

Status of Cydia jailbreak iOS 14

While I am writing this, there is a great update that must specify for we know that the team Checkra1n behind the confirmation will surely be there with iOS 14. Although it is being a few weeks from the very first developer beta of iOS 14, we are glad to note that the Checkra1n team confirmed their capability of jailbreak iOS 14. Though it was not an official confirmation of the team, for there were two developers of the team behind twitter posts, we can patiently stay there and look forward to how they are going to resolve iOS 14. Since Apple already confirmed that they patched Unc0ver with iOS 13.5.1, we cannot say how the team Unc0ver will involve for iOS 14.

Cydia tweaks for iOS 14

Since there is no possible tool that we can use to bring true Cydia features, let’s see what are the features that Apple took from jailbreakers and added to the official features list of iOS 14.

Download Cydia iOS 13 with iJB 13 Jailbreak

The Apple Company’s latest release is iOS 13.4.1 version. So now the iOS users are looking for new updates about this version. This is a major iOS update which has been released by the Apple developers. There’re lots of new features have been introduced. As you know, our product which is “iNstant Jailbreak” is the best tool to use on your iDevice to Jailbreak either to Cydia download. With the latest iOS 13.4.1 update, we have recently updated the iJB tool with new technology to support the latest iOS versions. Which means now you can easily Jailbreak and get Cydia Download iOS 13 on any iPhone/ iPad/ iPod touch device. All you have to do is, visit our official website of iNstant Jailbreak and follow the instructions accordingly.

Cydia download with our installer

Cydia is a free application developed for users who need to install third party applications. Most users are selling Cydia application with variety of ways. Please do not pay to install Cydia application because paid Cydia means fake Cydia. Follow our online installer to get Cydia and touch with us. Please tap Download Installer with your Safari Browser.

Add to Your Home Screen

Please use following simple method to add to your home screen. This will help to touch with us easily within few seconds.

Click Here to Touch with Your Home Screen

Windows users can install Cydia for your iDevices, You need to follow simple steps to take Cydia for your device. First – Download our “Cydia Installer” application and extract using Winzip Second – Execute application and download best jailbreak tool Third – Follow help file generated in your desktop. This help file consist step by step guide for users. Our final solution is to take Cydia for all interesting users. Cydia is a complete freeware developed by Mr.Saurik. This application can be use to download Cydia for most of your devices.

You can download Cydia for MAC operating systems, This third party application can be install for your iPhone,iPad or iPod after successful jailbreak process. If you are MAC user we like to give all the guides associated with your OS. This process is similar to the Windows process, only difference is the jailbreak tool you are downloading. You need to follow above mentioned 3 steps to success with your process.

Are you Linux User ? Yes, Most of the jailbreak tools (Cydia install tools) are not supported for Linux Platforms. However  we can give all the guides ready with your device. If these guides not ready for Linux platforms, Please use Windows or MAC OS to do it successfully.

Cydia MovieBox/MovieBox Pro/ CucoTV

MovieBox is a free application which can install with Cydia for Your Device. This is free movie streaming application support many devices including computers & mobile. Follow it to watch unlimited Movies free, Touch with MovieBox .

MovieBox Pro is also another famous application which can use as best alternative application for MovieBox. This application also included thousands of movies for users. Download it now & touch with many features..

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